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    BTEC programs provide practical education closely aligned with industry needs. As a BTEC Approved Center, IDS enables students to pursue BTEC Nationals, preparing them for immediate career entry or further education. These courses emphasize hands-on learning and are recognized worldwide.

    Through IDS, students can earn a Level 5 Higher National Diploma, equivalent to two years of university study. This qualification enables advanced entry into degree programs in the UK, Australia, and other countries, or direct industry entry, providing a fast, flexible alternative to traditional academic routes.

    Academic vs. Vocational Education

    Difference Between Academic and Vocational Tracks

    Academic education emphasizes theoretical knowledge and prepares students for diverse careers or further study. In contrast, vocational education focuses on practical skills tailored to specific job roles and industries, often leading directly to employment opportunities.

    UK Education System

    The UK’s academic track includes GCSEs and A-Levels, followed by foundation, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees. Vocational education, offered through BTEC qualifications, parallels academic levels but with a focus on hands-on skills and direct industry relevance. Higher National Certificates (HNC) and Diplomas (HND) are part of this vocational track and can lead into or be part of a bachelor’s degree program.

    Fast Track to Industry & Pathway Education

    Fast Track to Industry

    Vocational education, particularly through the UK’s BTEC qualifications, offers students tailored practical skills and direct experience aligned with industry standards. BTEC programs, developed in partnership with businesses, ensure that graduates are ready to quickly step into their chosen careers with the competencies and expertise demanded by the job market.

    Pathway to UK Bachelor Degree

    Students with BTEC Higher National Diplomas can obtain a full Bachelor’s degree with just one extra year of study in the UK.

    Pathway to Australian Bachelor Degree

    Students with an HND can further their studies in Australia, typically needing 1.5 to 2 additional years to earn an Australian Bachelor’s degree.

    These options offer flexibility for students who choose vocational routes and decide later to pursue higher education degrees. The key advantage is the reduction in time and often cost compared to traditional degree pathways.

    IDS Fast Track Program

    IDS provides international qualifications from expert lecturers and industry practitioners, leading to UK-accredited diplomas. This efficient pathway lets students spend two years in Indonesia before completing their Bachelor’s overseas in just 1 or 2 years*, offering significant time and cost savings. Additionally, IDS enables advanced entry to Bachelor programs in the UK, Europe, Canada, USA, Singapore, New Zealand, and Australia, ensuring placement in our university network spanning over 300 institutions across 70+ countries*.

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    Cost Saving

    IDS tuition fees are now simplified, alleviating confusion and allowing you to concentrate better on your education.


    The costs above do not include living expenses. The prices are estimated.
    Exchange rate 1 AUD = Rp 10,300 & 1 GBP = Rp 18,755

    Study Program



    This program melds creative thinking with essential skills for the creative and startup sectors, focusing on practical application and strategic design. Through hands-on training with industry-standard software, students are primed for success. This program transforms passion into action, guiding young designers and illustrators toward a future of innovation in the digital realm.



    This program teaches creative and technical skills for animation and visual effects in the film and TV industry. Students learn the animation and game production process, from concept and storytelling to character design, mastering industry-standard software like Autodesk Maya, Unreal, Pixologic ZBrush, and Adobe's Substance, Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, and After Effects.



    The Digital Film & Media Production Program at IDS offers hands-on training in film and media creation, covering storytelling, scriptwriting, directing, and editing, without the need for a thesis. Through collaboration with Paragon Pictures, students gain real-world experience via internships.

    IDS International Pathway Students

    Marcello Bryan Gunawan

    Pathway to JMC

    Bachelor of Creative Arts in Film & Television

    • SMA Anderson School
    • Digital Film & Media Production in IDS
    • Currently studying in JMC Melbourne

    Keagan Nelka

    Pathway to JMC

    Bachelor of Creative Arts in Film & Television

    • SMAK Penabur Kota Wisata
    • Digital Film & Media Production in IDS
    • Currently studying in JMC Melbourne

    Audrey Felicia Purnama

    Pathway to Griffith University

    Bachelor of Design

    • SMA Pax Patriae
    • Digital Design & Illustration in IDS
    • Scholarship Recipient

    Our Academic Team

    Ari Dina Krestiawan

    Program Head of Digital Film and Media Production
    • Graduated from IKJ
    • "Pamor"- Film Director, winner of Bandung Documentary Film Festival (2017) in Best Cinematography

    Andang Kelana

    Program Head of Digital Design and Illustration
    • 20+ Years of Experience in Art & Creative Industry
    • Founder Forum Lenteng – Jakarta
    • Director in Visual Jalanan – DIY Culture Media

    Romy Oktaviansyah

    Program Head of Digital Animation and Games
    • Graduated from IKJ & Vancouver Film School, Canada
    • 20+ Years of Experience in Creative Industry
    • Delegation “Animation Theater 2007” with Siggraph Asia

    Nikko Purnama Lukman

    Digital Design & Illustration Lecturer

    Experience :

    • Graduated from UPH & IKJ
    • 20+ Years of Experience in Creative Industry
    • Best of the Best Designer: Book Design with title “ ‘KAMUS VISUAL TIPOGRAFI’ at Indonesia’s Best Student Final Project Competition TUAI IGDA (2010)

    Pandu Birantoro

    Digital Film & Media Production Lecturer
    • Graduated from Vancouver Film School, Canada
    • Producer at Paragon Pictures
    • Producer for “Losmen Bu Broto” and “Keluarga Cemara”

    Johanes Park

    Digital Animation and Games Lecturer
    • Graduated from Kyungsung University, South Korea
    • 7+ years of experience Motion Graphic Artist, Comic Artist & Graphic Designer

    Our Alumni are Currently Working in

    Logo Perusahaan Alumni BTEC-01


    Livia Prima

    Digital Design
    Art Director at Polar Engine Serpong

    John Halim Santoso

    Digital Animation
    Senior Artist at Ubisoft

    Tiara Westlake

    Digital Film
    Filmmaker at UK

    Diki Eka Kurnia

    Digital Animation
    Lead Compositor - Lumine Studio

    Rachel Vania Effendi

    Digital Animation
    Animator at Infinite Studio

    Nurul Jihan

    Digital Animation
    Lead Animator at Brown Bag Films