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In an era where technology evolves at an unprecedented pace and societal changes accompany it, the demand for visually compelling and culturally impactful design is more significant than ever. If you’re passionate about visual creativity and eager to influence people and culture through design, IDS offers the perfect course for you.

Our Digital Design & Illustration program, compliant with BTEC HNC Levels 4 and HND Level 5 standards, is designed for those ready to dive deep into the design world. This program not only cultivates strong visual communication skills but also ensures you’re well-versed in the essential tools needed for industry success. It offers an invaluable opportunity to build a professional portfolio of your own work, explore a process-based design approach, and engage with industry mentors on real-world projects.

Education here unfolds in a studio environment, where small classes foster a community of collaboration among students. From the spark of initial concept through to the finesse of design and delivery, you’ll navigate through various design tools and methods. Our curriculum is enriched with hands-on projects that simulate real-world challenges, allowing you to graduate fully equipped to make a significant impact in the industry.

Join us at IDS to transform your passion into a dynamic career, supported by a community dedicated to innovation, collaboration, and your professional success.

Why Study Design at IDS?

Industry Immersion

Dive into the design industry with hands-on experience. Grow your professional network through internships and projects with top agencies and esteemed brands, acquiring crucial skills and insights

Future-Ready Learning

Equip yourself for the design industry’s evolution with our dynamic, hands-on learning approach. Benefit from studio-based education that prepares you for the creative sector’s rapid changes

Comprehensive Skills for Success

Enhance your employability with our forward-thinking curriculum. Merge creative vision with strategic innovation, artistic growth, and the latest software and technical skill mastery

Immerse yourself in an environment where innovation meets design. Our Digital Design & Illustration program is furnished with the latest technology and tools to ensure you stay ahead in the creative industry. Experience hands-on learning in studio-like settings from day one, with access to high-end desktop PCs, HTC Vive VR technology, 3D printers, DSLR and video cameras, an audiovisual editing studio, and a green screen room. This setup is designed to foster creative experimentation and mastery in design.

Our program is tailored for efficiency and depth, structured to propel you to an IDS and Pearson BTEC certification in just 1.5 years. This accelerated approach is designed to fast-track your entry into the design industry, offering you a significant advantage in terms of experience and career readiness over those in traditional 3-4 year programs.

Expand your academic and career horizons with IDS. Our Digital Design & Illustration program opens doors to continuing your education at bachelor level in over 300 campuses worldwide through BTEC. This unique opportunity allows you to connect with a vast international design community, engage in global projects, and explore a wide array of employment opportunities across the globe, setting the stage for an international career right after graduation.

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Term 1

Design Fundamentals – A1.1/AND1631

Credit Points: 8

In this introductory unit, students master visual communication’s foundational elements, harnessing design principles to produce aesthetically powerful and functionally effective work through an engaging mix of theory and hands-on practice.

Computer Graphic Fundamentals – A1.2/DES1211

Credit Points: 8

Students are equipped with essential digital design tools, diving into Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to gain industry-relevant skills for professional print and digital imaging projects.

Typography 1 — A1.3/DES1111

Credit Points: 9

Typography 1 lays the typographic groundwork, guiding students through the intricacies of type for visual expression and communication, shaping creative thinkers and precise practitioners in typography.

Art & Design History – A1.4/AND1621

Credit Points: 10

This unit takes students on an insightful historical journey, revealing how art movements and epochs have influenced modern visual culture, cultivating an analytical mindset capable of connecting historical artistry with contemporary design.

Photography – A1.5/AND1641

Credit Points: 9

The unit immerses students in the art and technique of photography, integrating theoretical knowledge with practical skills to effectively use photographic content in design projects.

Creative Drawing – A1.6/AND1611

Credit Points: 6

Students refine their drawing skills, from basic techniques to complex compositions, fostering a deep understanding of form and space essential for expressive and narrative design.

Term 2

Illustration 1 – A1.7/DES2191

Credit Points: 6

This unit introduces the art of illustration, teaching students to develop unique styles and convey narratives through imagery, setting the stage for more complex illustrative work.

Single Page Design – A1.8/DES1121

Credit Points: 8

Focusing on single-page layouts, students learn to merge design principles with digital techniques, creating visually compelling and communicative posters, flyers, and ads.

Design Thinking – A1.9/DES2181

Credit Points: 8

Design Thinking engages students in innovative problem-solving, applying a human-centered approach to generate creative solutions that are empathetic and effective in real-world applications.

UI Design – A1.10/DES2411

Credit Points: 8

UI Design propels students into designing intuitive digital interfaces, with a focus on user psychology and advanced design techniques for web, mobile, and applications.

Communication & Presentation – B1.16/GEN2021

Credit Points: 8

This unit hones students’ communication and presentation skills, essential for articulating and showcasing design concepts effectively to diverse audiences.

Typography 2 – B1.17/DES2112

Credit Points: 8

Typography 2 advances students’ typographic skills, emphasizing the creative and functional application of type in diverse design scenarios, enhancing their ability to influence through text.

Term 3

Digital Publishing – A1.11/DES3131

Credit Points: 9

Digital Publishing equips students with Adobe InDesign skills, from basic layout to interactive publications, preparing them for the digital and print publishing industry.

Advertising Design – A2.12/DES3151

Credit Points: 9

Advertising Design blends creative visual design with strategic thinking, enabling students to craft advertising campaigns that resonate with audiences and meet market demands.

Motion Graphic — A2.13/DES3311

Credit Points: 9

Delving into motion graphics, students utilize After Effects to create animated visual content, mastering keyframes to visual effects for compelling digital narratives.

UX Design – A2.14/DES3412

Credit Points: 8

This unit grounds students in digital marketing, focusing on creating effective digital campaigns and using analytics for optimization in the digital landscape.

Illustration 2 – B1.18/DES3192

Credit Points: 10

Illustration 2 deepens students’ engagement with advanced techniques, encouraging a sophisticated blend of illustration and design principles to create evocative visual stories.

Term 4

Web Design – B1.19/DES4413

Credit Points: 10

Web Design offers an advanced exploration of Figma, equipping students with cutting-edge skills for creating responsive, user-centric websites in today’s digital domain.

Creative Portfolio – B1.20/DES4811

Credit Points: 9

Creative Portfolio guides students in curating a distinctive portfolio that reflects their creative journey, showcasing their design prowess and preparing them for professional success.

Brand Identity Design — B2.21/DES4141

Credit Points: 11

Brand Identity Design immerses students in creating strategic visual identities that articulate a brand’s essence, equipping them with the skills to produce coherent branding across various media.

Retail Design – B2.19/DES4161

Credit Points: 11

Retail Design merges marketing strategy with experiential design, teaching students to shape brand perception and customer experience through innovative retail space design.

Digital Advertising 2 – B2.23/DES4172

Credit Points: 11

In Digital Advertising 2, students lead advanced digital campaigns, mastering SEO and creative strategies to drive successful online advertising initiatives.

Term 5

Studio Production – B2.24/GEN5031

Credit Points: 16

Studio Production caps the curriculum, converging various design disciplines for collaborative creation, encouraging students to produce market-ready designs or products.

Creative Business & Entrepreneurship – B2.25/BUS5711

Credit Points: 11

This unit immerses students in the business side of creativity, from initiating ventures to marketing strategies, preparing them for entrepreneurship in the design industry.

Term 6

Internship Program – B2.26/DES6821

Credit Points: 16

The Internship Program is the culmination of design education, where students apply their cumulative knowledge in a professional environment, transitioning from academic to real-world application.

Our Lecturers

Andang Kelana

Program Head of Digital Design and Illustration

Experience :

  • 20+ Years of Experience in Art & Creative Industry
  • Founder Forum Lenteng – Jakarta
  • Director in Visual Jalanan – DIY Culture Media

Nikko Purnama Lukman

Digital Design & Illustration Lecturer

Experience :

  • Graduated from UPH & IKJ
  • 20+ Years of Experience in Creative Industry
  • Best of the Best Designer: Book Design with title “ ‘KAMUS VISUAL TIPOGRAFI’ at Indonesia’s Best Student Final Project Competition TUAI IGDA (2010)

Verania Martelianty

Design Lecturer


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  • .....
  • ......

Arya Eka Prakasa

Dosen Lecturer


  • .......
  • .......
  • .......

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Q: What qualifications will I earn through this program?

A: Upon successful completion, you’ll earn a Pearson BTEC Level 4 HNC and Level 5 HND in Digital Design & Illustration, recognized internationally and paving the way for further education or entry into the professional world.

Q: How is the curriculum designed to ensure industry relevance?

A: The curriculum is developed in consultation with industry professionals and aligns with the latest digital design and illustration standards. It covers foundational to advanced topics, ensuring you gain both theoretical knowledge and practical skills.

Q: Can I specialize within the Digital Design & Illustration program?

A: Yes, the program offers opportunities to specialize in areas such as animation, web design, UX/UI design, and more, allowing you to tailor your learning path according to your career aspirations.

Q: What support services are available for students?

A: IDS provides a range of support services, including career counseling, mentorship programs, access to industry professionals, and workshops on various topics like portfolio development and job interview preparation.

Q: Are there any opportunities for real-world experience during the program?

A: Absolutely. The program includes studio production units, internships, and live project opportunities, allowing you to apply your skills in real-world settings and build a professional network.

Q: How does the program facilitate global opportunities?

A: Through our BTEC partnership, you can pursue further education in over 300 campuses worldwide, enhancing your global exposure and opportunities for international careers in digital design and illustration.

Q: What facilities are available to students in the program?

A: Students have access to cutting-edge facilities including high-end computing resources, VR equipment, 3D printers, professional-grade cameras, an audiovisual editing studio, and a green screen room, supporting a wide range of creative projects.

Q: What is the duration of the program, and what are its scheduling options?

A: The program is structured to be completed in 2 years with an accelerated learning approach. Flexible scheduling options are available to accommodate diverse student needs, including part-time studies for certain segments.